DefTiMOFs is being developed in the FuniMat Research group lidered by Dr Carlos Marti-Gastaldo at University of Valencia.  

In DefTiMOFs we are constantly learning from eachother, thus we encourage potential collaborators to contact us.

We understand how important it is to have the oportunity of  enhancing our research skills since early stages of our journey. We welcome  students interested in reseach placements to contact us.

DefTiMOFs Project coordinator

Dr Carlos Martí-Gastaldo

Group Leader of FuniMat 

DefTiMOFs Principal Investigator

Dr Isabel Ab√°nades L√°zaro

Team Member of FuniMat

DefTiMOFs Collaborator

Dr Neyvis Almora Barrios

Computational Modelling of DefTiMOFs

Team Member of FuniMat

DefTiMOFs Collaborator

Dr Victoria del Pozo Abejón

 IIS-FJD Deputy Director of Research

Group Leader of the Inmunoalergy research group 

DefTiMOFs Collaborator

Dr Sergio Tatay Aguilar

In-silico MOF design and Synchrotron Characterisation 

Team member of FuniMat


Pablo Valiente Vacas

Summer Research Internship 2019

Pablo is currently doing a Bachelor¬īs degree in Chemistry at University of Alcal√° de Henares, Madrid

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