DefTiMOFs is being developed in the FuniMat Research group at the Institute of Molecular Science of the University of Valencia.  

Dr Isabel Ab√°nades L√°zaro

DefTiMOFs Principal Investigator

Dr Carlos Martí-Gastaldo

DefTiMOFs Project coordinator

Group Leader of FuniMat 

DefTiMOFs Collaborator

Dr Neyvis Almora Barrios

Computational Modelling of DefTiMOFs

Team Member of FuniMat

DefTiMOFs Collaborator

Dr Victoria del Pozo Abejón

 IIS-FJD Deputy Director of Research

Group Leader of the Inmunoalergy research group 

DefTiMOFs Collaborator

Dr Sergio Tatay Aguilar

In-silico MOF design 

Team member of FuniMat


Pablo Valiente Vacas

Summer Research Internship 2019

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