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With fumehoad up to see the coulour changes depending on the modulator introduced

One of the most important┬á things when doing chemistry at the Lab is to have┬á available space to do the experiments safely. I am happy to be sharing fumehoad with the FuniMate Mar├şa Romero ├üngel, as we always have available clean space to work safely.

Changing MOFs morphology through modulationÔÇő

Selective capping of crystals surface by modulators is a well-known reasson for mormophology changes upon modulation.


The Layered Star

MOFs intern-growing in layers result in this beautifull defective MOF


Hierarchical crystals

Isn┬┤t it amazing how this nanoMOFs arrange into well-defined octahedral crystals?


Intern-grown crystals

Under certain conditions MOFs can be interngown in layers of one microcrystal


Dancing MOFs

MOFs can make funny shaped when drying from disperssions.
Disperssions made by the summer student Pablo Valiente, who made this MOFs dance!


The wave

When a weid MOF broke during the SEM session


How many heart MOFs can you spot?

Heart MOFs made at the Forgan group with Connor J. Wells


The desert roses


Without modulator this was octahedral!

How many shapes will we get?

The Globe Box

For those of you who are not familiarised with this, it is one of the ways to store or to work with materials without the presence of oxygen or water.

Globe box in ICMol, University of Valencia

The FuniMate Carmen Fern├índez Conde operanting with the gobe box. Fun fact: one can know if someone has opperated without labcoat because of the sweat marks. Please, be like Carmen and always use your labcoat ­čÖé

Fun Times at the Synchrotron

Despite doing measurements during 24 hours, synchrotron time can also be very fun if you expend it with the right people. 

Amazing PDF Team (Funimates and Dr Ana Platero┬┤s team members): Javier Castells-Gil, Nacho Romero-Mu├▒iz, Celia del Castillo and me (Isa)


Javier Castells-Gil, Nacho Romero-Mu├▒iz, Celia del Castillo and me (Isa)

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